AMAZON and tech bubbles

In accordance with the recent article written on Netflix, we are now addressing the “biggest piece” of the technology pack benefiting from containment: AMAZON. Despite the fact that their market capitalization is 10 times larger than the online content distribution platform, the two share a parameter of financial analysis worthy of technological bubble times.

NETFLIX and Coronavirus lockdown

The stock has gone from struggling not to lose its long-term bullish guideline to testing historical highs. The evolution of the online content distribution platform by streaming represents, in a way, the general trend of the markets.  The strong rebound recently registered, which we had the opportunity to advance weeks ago in the article, has … Read more NETFLIX and Coronavirus lockdown

Historical purchase opportunity in crude WTI

Download fraktal5 for Android Download fraktal5 for iOS The market, sometimes very punctual, our interesting investment opportunities in strategic assets with good performance in structural cycles. It is undoubtedly one of the best-selling amenities today.  Crude has registered a correction of over 65% in just three months.  The first days of 2020 are far away when the new year opens, struggling … Read more Historical purchase opportunity in crude WTI

A (brief) technical rebound

Download fraktal5 for Android Download fraktal5 for iOS The latest stock crashes (1987-2000-2008-2012) have developed their corrections in the form of “zig-zag”, opportunities to experience strong technical rebounds as a result of overselling .  Although only a little over a month has passed (the S&P500 marked its all-time high at 3,393 on February 19), the … Read more A (brief) technical rebound