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Optimize your investments thanks to artificial intelligence applied to the financial markets.

The decade that begins is accompanied by new challenges and opportunities. As investors we are faced with increasingly complex scenarios in which we have to put aside emotions, intuitions or other “decision criteria not based on proven data” if we want to continue to consolidate our profit trackrecord.

That is why at fraktal5 we have developed a new functionality that allows to optimize investment decisions through automated analysis of a multitude of technical scenarios and data market. The new analysis engine, based on Artificial Intelligence, analyzes one by one every listed assets in a vast majority of world markets and develops patterns of future behavior. Thanks to the new Machine Learning module, the platform learns from both the behavior of the asset itself and that recorded by its comparable assets, generating a set of data that once parameterized can generate future price, trend, volume and volatility projections.

We have decided to include a new “trading” tab in fraktal5. This new section includes stocks, indices, currencies, cryptos and other assets portfolios, generated by the fraktal5 PRO TRADING artificial intelligence engine. These portfolios were generated on the basis of future projections developed by the artificial intelligence engine and the dynamic Machine Learning module. All the portfolios are monitored 24 hours a day by the software in search of new opportunities and / or market changes which encourage a technical situation update.

As you can see, PRO TRADING offers the possibility of accessing several portfolios adapted to different investment profiles (depending on risk, time horizon or asset type). The portfolios are monitored at all times by the software. In turn, the user receives real time alerts, in the application itself, with all the buying and selling movements that occurs in the portfolios. As a result the user can follow the movements that occurs faithfully and in a comfortable and simple way.

PRO TRADING is, without a doubt, the essential tool to take advantage of the high volatility and to find the best investment opportunities in any kind of asset and of course that match your investor and risk profile. With PRO TRADING, you can develop, study and implement buying and selling strategies in any type of financial asset: stocks, indices, currencies, forex, commodities, funds, ETFs, crypto-currencies, etc …

Optimize your investments thanks to artificial intelligence applied to the financial markets
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