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Get involved in the fraktal5 annual traders league and win great prizes, completely free of charge.

Important note: Since February 1, 2021, the fraktal5 traders league has an annual format. That is why the calculation of the league corresponding to the year 2021 will be carried out with the participation of users registered from February 1 to December 31.

¿Are you passionate about the financial markets and do you dream of winning big prizes without investing a single penny ? If so, the fraktal5 traders league is for you! As you can see the application includes a ranking of the best traders in the fraktal5 community. At 11:59 pm on the last day of each month, we’ll record the ranking at that moment.

The first 20 traders will have a prize!

Prize Table:

  • 1st classified: ANNUAL subscription to fraktal5 PRO TRADING (cost estimated at 99.95 €).
  • 2nd classified: ANNUAL subscription to fraktal5 PRO (cost estimated at 19.95 €).
  • 3rd classified: ANNUAL subscription to fraktal5 PRO (cost estimated at 19.95 €).
  • 4th classified: ANNUAL subscription to fraktal5 PRO (cost estimated at 19.95 €).
  • 5th classified: ANNUAL subscription to fraktal5 PRO (cost estimated at 19.95 €).
  • From 6th to 10th classified: ANNUAL subscription to fraktal5 PRO (cost estimated at 19.95 €).
  • From 11th to 20th classified: MONTHLY subscription to fraktal5 PRO (cost estimated at 2.95 €).

How can I get involved?

It’s very simple!

Step 1: Register in the app.

It’s likely that you are already a registered user because it is necessary to participate in forums, create portfolios, save your favorite values, recover your session on other devices, etc. What are you waiting for? It’s completely free and very easy to do. Type your name, password and e-mail address and voilà!

Step 2: Will a stock go up, will an index go down? Make your stock forecasts by pressing the bullish / bearish button on the stock summary.

In order to open a forecast, simply access the summary of the stock / index / currency / commodity / crypto and press the thumb button of your choice (green if you think it will go up and red if you think it will go down). Once opened, the forecast will be recorded in the list of forecasts associated with your account. You can access it at any time through the “My forecasts” section. When the time comes, you can close the forecast by pressing the “Close” button. Once closed, the profitability obtained with this strategy will be added to your accumulated general and this will produce an update to your ranking in the traders league. Forecasts have a maximum duration of 90 days, beyond this limit the forecast will be closed automatically.

Important : You will only be able to open / close your forecasts when the market to which the stock belongs is open. If the corresponding market is closed, the forecast can not be opened / closed (eg DOWJONES opens at 9am, close at 4pm, so you can only open / close forecasts between 9am and 4pm).

Step 3: Conquer the first place

To be able to climb the positions in the traders league, you will need to refine your strategies. The profitability obtained in each of them will be added to your individual track record (you will be able to check it at any time in the section “My forecasts”). The total sum of the profitability obtained with your closed forecasts defines your position in the ranking. Do not forget that you can open forecasts in both directions (bullish or bearish if you think the stock will go down).

Important information to know:

In order to be able to climb to the top of the fraktal5 traders league, you should keep in mind several things:

  • If you are not a fraktal5 PRO user, you have a limit of 10 maximum simultaneous strategies. On the contrary if you are a user of fraktal5 PRO, the limit increases to 100 simultaneous strategies. This limit must be sufficient for active and intensive use of the application. Opening more than 100 simultaneous forecasts will be considered FRAUDULENT USE of the application and may result in the user disqualification.
  • The maximum amount of strategies closed on cryptos for the annual competition will be 25% of the total maximum strategies for the current month’s league. For example, if during this month league the maximum strategies number is 100, then only the first 25 strategies closed on cryptos will be taken into account that month. The rest will be recorded in the history but will not be used to calculate neither the profitability nor the position in the annual ranking.
  • If you are not a fraktal5 PRO user, you can follow up to 10 different users simultaneously. On the contrary if you are a fraktal5 PRO user, the limit increases to 1000 simultaneous users. This limit must be sufficient for active and intensive use of the application. Following more than 1000 users simultaneously will be considered as a FRAUDULENT USE of the application and may result in the user disqualification.
    • There is a limit of 10 closed forecasts per month on the same stock. In case of exceeding this limit, all the forecasts closed after that with positive profitability will not be taken into account for the traders ligue.
    • Closed forecasts with profitabilities higher than 100% will be susceptible of being eliminated from the raking in case these occur on assets with extreme volatility or doubtful pricing scheme (example: cryptocurrencies with very low trading volume).
  • You cannot open / close forecasts unless the market to which the asset belongs is open.
  • Think about the different trading hours according to the type of asset on which you will make the forecast. Depending on the asset, the market will be open and operational a few hours a day (stocks / indices), 24 hours a day Monday to Friday (foreign exchange) or even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like crypto- currencies. These can be very interesting to continue making forecasts trading during the weekend.
  • The creation of several simultaneous accounts on the same device completely cancels the participation in the league. This avoids fraudulent practices (for example, participating with multiple users at the same time) that hurt the rest of the users. The creation of multiple sequential user accounts in time is allowed (example: user A is created, user A session is closed and user B is created a few days later on the same phone). If you think that in order to accumulate greater profitability for the traders league the best for you is to start “from scratch” with a new user, there is no problem because it’s allowed.
  • The detection of fraudulent actions or contrary to the competition rules will result in the immediate expulsion of the league.
  • For the calculation of the final profit of the annual traders league, only the first 100 forecasts closed per user will be taken into account. Once the annual competition is over, the counters will be reset and the number of forecasts available and the total profit will go back to their initial values (100 available forecasts and 0% profit).
  • On the last day of each month at 23:59 Paris time (GMT +1 winter time / GMT + 2 summer time), the ranking will be recorded. The track record of the users strategies (closed forecasts) and the winning positions will be checked. Once the process is complete, the winners of the trader league will be published in the first days of the next month.
  • With the objective of encouraging participation among the community, the user who has been one month in the top 20 in the fraktal5 annual league of traders will not be able to obtain new prizes during the following 13 months. If the user so wishes, he may continue to participate in the competition but will be excluded in the distribution of the corresponding prizes in the event of re-qualifying in the top 20.


Once the list of winners of the annual fraktal5 traders league is published, the technical support team will contact them via email. Once the corresponding data has been validated, the MONTHLY or ANNUAL subscriptions will be activated in fraktal5 PRO or PRO TRADING, in the user account that appears in the ranking. If once the contest is over, the user has not participated in the traders league for more than 30 days, it will be considered that they are no longer an active user and, therefore, the corresponding subscription will not be activated and their position in the ranking will be vacant .

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