Historical purchase opportunity in crude WTI

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The market, sometimes very punctual, our interesting investment opportunities in strategic assets with good performance in structural cycles.

It is undoubtedly one of the best-selling amenities today.  Crude has registered a correction of over 65% in just three months.  The first days of 2020 are far away when the new year opens, struggling to consolidate an attack on the $ 70 area. West Texas crude oil has experienced the second quarter of the year testing the support of $ 20, levels that were not  have seen since 2002.

Whether due to the sharp drop, both present and the estimate for the near future, as well as the geostrategic confrontations between the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia, the merchandise has reached technical floor levels.  It is true that it could even star in additional transport and go find the 2002 minimum of $ 17 (-15% from current levels), but it was also important to keep in mind that there is the possibility of a possible (imminent) agreement between the  3 powers that drive “black gold” towards old technical supports now turned into hard-hitting resistors ($ 28, $ 30 and $ 35 respectively).

The analysis of the contextual framework carried out in the two previous paragraphs serves to argue with greater force and credibility for the most significant part of the article in question.  Fraktal5’s Artificial Intelligence engine has generated a double buy signal:

Cross West Texas cash at $20.10

– Bullish ETF on crude called ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil (UCO) at $ 1.55.

The strategies generated by the Artificial Intelligence engine are exclusively accessible to fraktal5 PRO TRADING users (in the TRADING PORTFOLIO section you can consult both the target levels and the associated stop-losses).  If it is seized, and exceptionally, we have found it interesting to share these interesting market opportunities with all our readers given the great potential it offers.


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